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General Question

Liberia is a small country with a long history of civil war. The transition to a civil society has not been easy and investment in infrastructure like roads and schools has suffered.  The population has increased significantly and there is now a much greater expectation that every child should have access to education.  The Government does not have sufficient money to build schools or pay teacher’s salary required, so communities try to build their own.

The faculty members in our school are a result of a joint endeavor led by Mr. Jonathan O. David. A native of our community, Mr. David is an esteemed educator residing in the United States of America. His contributions enable us to generously compensate all teachers, including the head educator, ensuring they are fairly rewarded for their invaluable services.

It's worth highlighting that while some of our teachers may lack formal training, they are committed experts who consistently work towards refining their abilities. Thanks to the support provided by Mr. David, we organize monthly workshops and training sessions that serve to enhance their teaching prowess. These initiatives offer crucial opportunities for professional growth, bolstered by Mr. David's funding.

Our school is not supplied with teaching materials by the government. Nevertheless, we are fortunate to receive assistance from compassionate individuals who frequently buy the required books and supplies. In the absence of an ample supply of textbooks, our teachers collaborate by utilizing the resources at hand. Lessons are handwritten on the blackboards, ensuring that our students continue to receive a well-rounded education.

We extend our recognition and gratitude to our generous contributors, whose modest donations make a significant difference, as well as to our devoted teachers who tirelessly confront these obstacles. Their dedication to delivering a high-quality education despite limited resources is both admirable and a testament to their unwavering commitment to fostering the academic development of our students.