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Current School Building

Current School Building

The dearth of adequate space or the complete absence thereof has cast a shadow on the conducive learning environment we aspire to offer. The repercussions have been felt acutely by our dedicated teachers, who have valiantly soldiered on despite working conditions that can only be described as subpar. The urgency of our situation stems from the undeniable reality: the pressing need for more classrooms has become not just a desire, but an imperative.

As our student population has burgeoned rapidly, the precious teaching time lost during the rainy season becomes a disheartening reality. The lack of proper shelter results in interrupted classes, hindering the continuous flow of education. Additionally, our classrooms, pushed beyond their limits, bear witness to overcrowding that stifles the potential for focused learning. The distressing impact on both students and educators is palpable.

Hence, with a heart brimming with hope and a plea fueled by the aspirations of our students, we implore for the provision of more classrooms. This isn’t merely a matter of convenience; it’s a plea for an environment where knowledge can be imparted without interruptions, where students can thrive in spaces that foster growth, and where teachers can shine in the fullness of their expertise. With your support, we can ensure that education remains unhampered and dreams continue to flourish.

Children like these deserve
better learning environments.

(Old church build by Mantee and David)

Classroom under the palaver hut

Classroom on the porch of a house

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