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Our Trustees

Jonathan Omenika David Sr.

Jonathan Omenika David Sr. is a distinguished professional with over 25 years of experience in academia, with more than 10 years of administrative leadership. His career spans various domains within IT, and he is recognized for his extensive expertise in interdisciplinary areas, compliance, and intellectual property matters.

Throughout his academic journey, Jonathan has demonstrated a commitment to teaching, service, and industry involvement. He possesses an open and inclusive administrative style, fostering trust, consensus-building, and teamwork. His proficiency includes evaluating and enhancing IT programs, ensuring their administrative effectiveness.

Jonathan’s passion for education is evident in his student-centered approach. He is a creative and dedicated teacher, known for his ability to create a collaborative classroom environment based on mutual respect. He is devoted to guiding students in their journey to becoming confident IT professionals, helping them identify and develop their own passions.

Education-wise, Jonathan is pursuing a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Cybersecurity from Capitol Technology University. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Cybersecurity from Virginia College, earned in 2016, and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Public Administration, Political Science & Criminal Justice from Rhode Island College, attained in 1995.

Jonathan’s teaching experience is extensive and diverse. He has held positions such as Senior CTE Instructor at Burlington County Institute of Technology, where he conducted classroom instruction and delivered CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco Official curriculum courses. As an Adjunct Professor at Rowen College at Burlington County and Department Chair for Information Security and Network Engineering  at Virginia College in Mobile, AL, USA, he prepared and delivered lectures on topics ranging from cyber security to network design and system administration.

In addition to his IT roles, Jonathan has an early background in education as an Agricultural Science Teacher. His innovative teaching methods, curriculum development, and delivery of lectures on agricultural science have left a lasting impact.

His commitment to excellence is underscored by consistent favorable student reviews and recognition. He was honored with the Virginia College Instructor of the Year award in 2013, reflecting his dedication, support for colleagues, and passion for education.

Dr. Yulanda W. Clinton

Dr. Yulanda W. Clinton, a native of Bayou La Batre, AL. is brand new to the higher education arena. She brings with her 30 years of educational experience from the Mobile County Public School system where she gained useful experience as an elementary teacher, professional school counselor, and administrator. During her tenure in Mobile County Public School System she was named SECME teacher of the year and founded and organized several groups and clubs while serving in her many, varied capacities.

Dr. Clinton received a B.S. and master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Alabama and began her educational career as a first and second grade teacher at Castlen Elementary School.  While teaching at Castlen she coached Varsity girls’ basketball and cheerleaders at the high school located up the hill from Castlen.  As she coached she found a new love and a desire to help students at the secondary level. So, she then decided to further her education where she could assist those students and received her ED.S. degree in professional school counseling from the University of South Alabama. Her counseling degree afforded her the opportunity to return to her alma mater, Alba High School, and work as the counselor, which merged and became Alma Bryant High School and then became an assistant principal at Alma Bryant. Her love for learning enticed her to pursue a Ph. D. in Administration and Leadership from the University of Southern Mississippi. After which she served as principal at Mobile County Training Middle school where her staff and she worked diligently to change the climate and culture. Finally, in July 2018, she retired and ended her educational career in the Mobile County Public System, as an assistant principal at Theodore High School.

Dr. Clinton has a strong commitment and compassion for today’s young people and for the past 4 years has worked as an assistant professor in the education department at Talladega College. In addition to teaching elementary education teacher candidates she has also served on several committees, co-wrote two grants and served as program manager on two grants. 

Dr. Clinton has three sons Lemuel, Jr., Landon, Justin and a beautiful 5-year-old granddaughter, Autumn Rose. Her love for the Lord and her family is unchangeable. During her spare time, she enjoys jogging, shopping, traveling, singing, reading, laughing and fellowshipping with others, serving others, watching football and spending time with her family.

Ms. Marlene Krubo Tokpa

Ms. Marlene Krubo Tokpa is a dedicated professional with a strong background in Public Health, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master’s in Public Health with an emphasis in Epidemiology. With over eight years of experience, Marlene has proven her expertise in various aspects of project management, strategic planning, counseling, research, and service delivery within youth and community health programs. She has made significant contributions in achieving universal access to Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) and preventing infectious diseases.

Marlene has excelled in leadership and coordination roles, demonstrating the ability to work effectively with both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Her contributions extend to resource mobilization for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) services, including community health programs and humanitarian response efforts.

Throughout her career, Marlene has exhibited a range of key abilities, including program planning, implementation, and management. Her strong communication skills, both written and verbal, have enabled her to liaise effectively with colleagues, partners, and stakeholders at all levels. She is recognized for her ability to identify complex problems, evaluate options, and implement effective solutions. Marlene’s multitasking skills, flexibility in fast-paced environments, and independent research capabilities have all contributed to her success.

Marlene’s educational journey includes a Diploma in Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights International Training from Lund University, Sweden, a master’s in public health from Cuttington Graduate School in Liberia, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Cuttington University.

Marlene’s commitment and achievements have been acknowledged with awards, including the Suma Cum Laude and Cum Laude awards during her academic pursuits.

Her professional journey has been enriched by collaborating with renowned figures in the field, as evidenced by her list of reference persons, who can attest to her skills, dedication, and accomplishments.

Dr. Elizabeth Gaye


Elizabeth is a skilled professional in business and public administration with over 11 years of experience in operational program and organization planning. Her comprehensive service offerings and cost-effective approach have made her a respected figure in her field. Her skills encompass a range of capabilities:

Program Development and Training: Elizabeth actively participates in the analysis, design, development, and facilitation of training initiatives. She is adept at integrating best practices into her training efforts, ensuring comprehensive learning experiences.

Analytical and Data Handling: Elizabeth demonstrates the ability to handle data effectively and apply analytical insights to her work. She confidently manages sensitive information and offers sound recommendations based on her analyses.

Task Management: Known for her ability to multitask without compromising on quality, Elizabeth consistently delivers high-quality results while juggling multiple responsibilities.


PhD in Church Ministry – Ministry Institute International, 2021

Master in Church Ministry – Ministry Institute International, 2020

Master of Public Administration – North Carolina Central University, 2018

Bachelor of Science in Accounting – Shaw University, 2010

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Shaw University, 2007

Community Involvement

Elizabeth is not only dedicated to her professional roles but also to her community. She volunteers in various organizations within her workplace and extends her efforts to Liberia, West Africa, her country of birth. Her commitment to both her local and international communities reflects her passion for making a positive impact.

Elizabeth’s journey is one of continuous growth, driven by her determination to excel professionally and contribute meaningfully to the lives of those around her.

Corporate Lawyer and Managing Partner

Mesurado Law Partners

Cllr. Bendu E. Clark is a distinguished Liberian figure, hailing from the vibrant city of Monrovia in the Republic of Liberia, West Africa. She embarked on a journey of education and achievement that has defined her diverse career. Her educational foundation was meticulously built at esteemed institutions such as Calvary Baptist School, J.J. Roberts United Methodist School, and The College of West Africa, all prominent establishments in Liberia. Upon completing her studies at the College of West Africa, Cllr. Clark continued her pursuit of knowledge at the prestigious Cuttington University College in Suakoko, Bong County. Her academic path led her to the University of Liberia, where she earned her BBA degree in Business Management in 1994. Cllr. Clark’s professional narrative weaves through a rich tapestry of experiences. Her thirst for learning remained unquenched, prompting her to join the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law in Liberia. In 2009, she proudly emerged with a BBL in Law, and her remarkable journey continued. Ascending to the legal sphere, Cllr. Clark established herself as a dedicated trial lawyer at the Dean & Associates Law firm from 2010 to 2015, deftly navigating civil and criminal cases. Demonstrating exceptional prowess, she ranked eighth out of forty-eight attorneys in the Supreme Court Bar test of 2016, a testament to her commitment to excellence. Currently, Cllr. Clark serves as Assistant Legal Advisor within the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, where her legal acumen plays a pivotal role. She also fulfills the role of Managing Partner at Mesurado Law Partners, engaging in legal practice part-time. Cllr. Clark’s influence resonates beyond her professional domains. Her participation in the Special Presidential Review Committee on Concessions and Agreements underscores her commitment to national advancement. A distinguished leader, she has held prominent positions, including Secretary General of the Liberian Business Association, Secretary General and Vice President of the Montserrado Bar Association, and Vice President of the Trustee Board at Faith Healing Temple of Jesus Christ. Her global perspective has been enriched through her travels to various nations, including Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Togo, Kenya, the United States of America, South Africa, and China. Additionally, she has explored thirteen out of Liberia’s fifteen counties. In essence, Cllr. Bendu E. Clark embodies the essence of dynamism, excellence, and service. Her multifaceted identity as an accomplished lawyer, nurturing mother, enterprising entrepreneur, and humble servant underscores her indelible impact on Liberia and beyond.